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Apothecary Bitters

Images for: Container: Special, Grind: General Ambrose's (120ml)

Vancouver’s Apothecary Bitters are wonderfully bitter and complex, just the way we like them. Their standard range includes an aromatic bitters (General Ambrose’s) as well as four other unique and delicious flavours: Spirit Fire (Cherry Cedar), Mystic Caravan (Smokey Pear), Tlalocan (Latin Lime) and The Darkness (Cacao Coffee). There are also changing seasonal and barrel-aged flavours each year. Currently they are Elder Growth (Conifer Berry) and barrel-aged General Ambrose’s. Excellent stuff.

Apothecary Bitters - General Ambrose's (120ml) Special 0g $21.99
Apothecary Bitters - Spirit Fire (120ml) Special 0g $21.99
Apothecary Bitters - Mystic Caravan (120ml) Special 0g $21.99
Apothecary Bitters - Tlalocan (120ml) Special 0g $21.99
Apothecary Bitters - The Darkness (120ml) Special 0g $21.99
Apothecary Bitters - Nightshade (120ml) Special 0g $21.99

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