Specialists in all manner of spices, herbs and seasonings from around the world. Located in Calgary, Canada.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have a physical shop?
We have three brick-and-mortar locations. Our flagship store is in Calgary at 1403A 9th Ave. S.E. (in Inglewood). We also have a location at the Calgary Farmer's Market, and a full shop in Edmonton (Whyte Ave). Visit the Contact Us page for hours and directions.
Do you offer gift cards?
We do offer gift cards at all our locations. For now, these cards are only available and usable in-store, though. You cannot use them for online purchases. We are working on a system to sell and accept gift cards on our website, but it's not ready yet.
Are your spices gluten-free?
Yes. We don’t use flour or any gluten products in any way. However, while we maintain a clean work environment and make reasonable efforts to keep gluten out of the area, we are not able to guarantee that our space is completely gluten-free.
Do your products contain preservatives?
No. Everything we sell is pure and natural. Our blends are hand-mixed from high-quality ingredients and contain no artificial colours or flavours, no MSG and no cheap fillers.
Do you offer wholesale or bulk quantities?
At this point, we do not accept large wholesale orders. We are a retailer and we keep small quantities in stock. We do, however, offer discounted per-pound pricing for restaurants, bakeries, caterers and other food service companies. Please contact us for details.
Can I carry your spices in my specialty shop?
We would love for you to do that, but we do not currently have a program in place to offer third-party retail sale of our products. However, we are working on such a program and we hope to be able to accommodate requests like yours in the  future. Please contact us with your enquiry. Beyond this plan, we do not allow the resale or repackaging of our products in any way.
How much do you charge for shipping?
We try to keep our shipping prices as low as possible. You can find our rates and read a complete explanation of our shipping policy here.
Do you ship to the United States?
Yes, we will happily ship to the States. Don't forget that all our prices are in Canadian dollars, and that you will be responsible for any additional destination charges including duties, brokerage fees and taxes. For shipping to other countries, please contact us.
Where do you get all your spices from?
As much as we would love to source all our spices locally, Canada is just not a spice-growing region. The vast majority of spices still grow where they originally grew: in warm tropical climates. We use a series of wholesalers, brokers and distributors to import spices from their growing regions and to sift and clean them before they reach us. Our products come from every area of the world: Asia, Africa, Europe, Latin America, the United States, and yes, Canada.
Where do you get your spice blends?
We make all our blends ourselves. From curry powders to barbeque rubs to herb blends, we mix it all by hand from recipes that we have developed, tested and perfected. We are constantly working on new recipes, so check back often for new blends.
You don't have one of the spices I'm looking for. Can you get it in stock?
We try to carry every spice and herb that our customers want, but there will always be a few things we don't have due to lack of availability or lack of demand. If there is something you are looking for, please let us know. We may be able to get it for you. Keep in mind that we only deal in culinary herbs and spices. We don't carry medicinal herbs or other grocery items.
How long do spices keep?
We buy our spices often and grind many of them ourselves on a weekly basis, so you can be confident they are as fresh as possible when they get to you. However, all spices get their flavour from the volatile oils they contain, and this oil will dissipate over time, along with the flavour. As a general rule, whole spices will keep for up to two years. Herbs should be replaced after six months. Ground spices and spice blends will be good for about a year. If they are well-stored, they may keep slightly longer. We recommend buying often in smaller amounts and grinding spices fresh whenever you can.
How should I store my spices?
In general, spices should be stored in air-tight containers in cool, dry places. Air, moisture and heat will all ruin your spices in a hurry. So try not to use jars that don't seal well or porous clay pots for your spices. And never store them on the back of the stove where they will be exposed to heat. Light will affect the colour of some spices, especially chile powders and paprika. Since colour is an important aspect of paprika, we sell ours in tins to keep the light out. Some spices are also more susceptible to heat than others. We recommend keeping your excess poppy seeds, sesame seeds, paprika and chile powders in the fridge to help preserve their oils.
What sizes and containers do you sell your spices in?
Most of our spices are sold in glass jars and re-sealable zip-top bags. The regular glass jars are 125ml or ½ cup in volume. This is slightly larger than a typical supermarket spice jar. The weight they hold varies widely based on the density of the spices or herbs you have purchased. For example, 125ml of salt weighs far more than 125ml of herbs.
Our regular bags hold the same volume as the glass jars. We also offer one or two larger sizes of most products.
Certain items come in a smaller or larger jar, tin, or specialty container. This will always be indicated on the product page. Our small jars are 62.5ml or ¼ cup, and our large jars are 250ml or 1 cup. Large tins are 125ml or ½ cup and small tins are 62.5ml or ¼ cup.
Empty jars, including extra large 500ml (2 cup) glass jars as well as tins are available in the Gifts and Accessories section.

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