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Gifts & Accessories

Spice Sets

Spice Sets

All the basics for someone getting their first apartment. The essential Indian spices for an adventurous chef. Four of your favourites for a friend. Any way you want to do it, a set of our spices is always a good gift choice.

Grinders, Graters and Mortars

Grinders, Graters & Mortars

Having the right equipment will make all the difference when you are getting ready to grind, grate and bash up your spices at home. We’ve tried it all ourselves, and there’s a use for every type of tool.


Interested in learning more about spices? Looking for recipes that will force you to use your new spice grinder? Want to immerse yourself in a detailed history of the spice trade? Check out our selection of spice references and cookbooks.

Jars & Tins

We highly recommend storing your spices in airtight glass jars or tins. Almost all our products are available in jars or tins, but if you want to replace the containers you’re using at home, you can buy empty ones here.

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